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Venetorum fides inviolabilis 1.0.0

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About This File

Venetorum fides inviolabilis: Historical and statistical analysis of the obsidional venetian Bisanti for Cyprus (1570)

In the variegated set of the obsidional pieces, the Bisante for Cyprus presents some historical and numismatic peculiarities that immediately made it a famous and studied coin, but perhaps still not completely understood. Even if it was not struck in Venice but in an emergency mint by the sieged, that were two thousand miles far away their country, this piece has been always considered an effective part of the venetian numismatic, as in general all the coins for the Levante, which were instead struck in Venice and only after sent to the destination places for the use.
The aim of this research is to attempt a first statistical approach to evaluate both the weight data and the legend variants that, as we will see, can bring to very interesting implications to be analyzed in depth.

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