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Una 197-198B/1b cicciona

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Un asse unciale, proveniente da Tintinna 29, bruttino ma interessante.

E' certamente "vissuto", ma il rovescio é tra i più chiari tra i pochissimi 197-198B/1b che si vedono in giro.

Il tondello presenta difetti di fusione (non mi sembra che la superficie mostri segni di rogo) che fanno si' che non sia completo.

Ciononostante é un "peso massimo" per questa tipologia: 28,55 grammi. Non ricordo in biblografia esemplari più pesanti.

post-3247-0-06330400-1380062384_thumb.jp post-3247-0-23309800-1380062394_thumb.jp

Tra le altre cose presenta strani segni di sgorbia al dritto, sul collo. Fosse stato un denario si sarebbe pensato ad un pezzo "aggiustato". Ma un asse... ???


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This is a very nice example of this type. Here are the weights of my examples (all of the exact same style, and some are die matches)

(24 coins): 26.80g, 26.63g, 26.43g, 25.48g, 24.87g, 24.86g, 24.07g, 24.02g, 23.63g, 23.24g, 22.98g, 22.89g, 22.32g, 22.07g, 22.04g, 21.96g, 21.67g, 21.44g, 21.42g, 21.37g, 21.02g, 20.84g, 20.56g, 20.14g, 18.27g.

So your new coin is now the heaviest known example! I show below a picture of the complete series (the supposed As with I above the prow does not belong to this series but is from an earlier time)


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So your new coin is now the heaviest known example!

I know. Actually I bought it just to check his weight (it was described as a 32,86 grams RRC 56/1: the RRC type was obviously wrong, and so

exaggerated weight needed to be checked... In fact the real weight is just 28,55 grams).
Of course you can pick it as a 25th.
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