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Monete di Aureliano, zecca Serdica o Cyzico?

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Ciao ragazzi, studiando la monetazione di Aureliano sono incappato su una problematica che non riesco a risolvere: gli assi con la legenda SOL DOMINVS IMPERI ROMANI quali RIC 5A, p. 301, n. 319, 320, 321, 322 risultano dal RIC essere stati emessi tutti dalla zecca di Cyzico, ma non capisco perchè qualsiasi libro o rivista che studio sostiene che vengano emessi dalla zecca di Serdica. Quali delle due è corretta?????

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hai ragione, la faccenda è abbastanza poco chiara.

Il RIC la dà Cyzicus.


The mint for these and all bronzes of Aurelian has usually been described as Serdica, but many scholars, including Kent, rightly identify them as products of the Rome mint. The denomination is also somewhat of a mystery, and were it not for the fact that Aurelian was concurrently striking regular-issue bronzes of this weight and module, one would not hesitate to describe them as medallions. Instead, it is probably best to see them as exceptional issues within a new bronze coinage that emerged from Aurelian’s monetary reform of 274. Traditionally they have been described as asses because their appearance is similar to the last true asses struck during under Valerian and Gallienus, however most recent scholarship identifies them as reduced sestertii since inflation had rendered the as an irrelevant denomination, yet the sestertius still remained as the acknowledged unit of accounting.


Qui invece la dà Cyzicus:


E qui Serdica:


Infine Estiot e Mairat




pagina 78

la danno a Serdica... Per il periodo storico due ottimi conoscitori. Io ci darei ascolto...




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