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Gettoni di carattere politico-sociale


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Società per l’abolizione del commercio degli schiavi




TOKENS, Middlesex. Political and Social Series. WM Token (33mm, 12.18 g, 12h). Society for Effecting the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Obverse design after William Hackwood. Struck circa 1790. AM I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER?, chained male slave kneeling right, raising hands in supplication / WHATSOEVER/ YE WOULD THAT/ MEN SHOULD DO/ TO YOU/ DO YE/ EVEN SO TO/ THEM. Eimer 836; BHM 269; D&H 237. EF, lustrous, light surface marks.


Il gettone è esposto nel negozio della CNG.




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Gettone commemorativo dell’abolizione della schiavitù nell’Impero Britannico (da CNG 354 dell’1 luglio 2015)




COLONIAL AFRICA, British. Sierra Leone. 1808-1961. CU Penny Token (35mm, 16.96 g, 12h). Commemorating the Abolition of Slavery in the British Empire. Soho (Birmingham) mint. Issued by Macauley & Babington. Dated 1807, though struck 1814. WE ARE ALL BRETHREN, European standing right, clasping hands with African standing left; in background to left, four huts, between, two laborers, to right, five figures dancing around tree; in exergue, SLAVE TRADE ABOLISHED/ BY GREAT BRITAIN/ 1807 / Similar inscription in Arabic. D. Vice and F. Pridmore, “Sierra Leone Penny Token 1814,” in NumCirc LXXXIII.7-8 (July-August 1975), p. 279-81; KM Tn1.1; Eimer 984a. VF.



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