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Is that italian coin?


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[url="http://someoldcoins.org/"]http://someoldcoins.org/[/url] Site created by: James N. Roberts

There's an answer:
Jim R. wrote:

[quote]I think your coin is Italian, from the city of Florence.

The hairy man with the halo is Saint John the Baptist, and the words
on that side indicate his name:  +S IOHANNES B

On the other side there is probably a fleur-de-lis, and the words give
the name of the place where the coin was issued:  +FLORENTIA

Those coins were struck for several centuries, so I can't give you an
accurate date.  Sometime in the Middle Ages or early Renaissance.[/quote]

Thank's all for intrest
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Nice answer with a very good draw for explanation!
If you had some other picture of your money I hope you'll send to us for help..Next time I hope we'll aswer before the others!
See next time!
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I'm searching for photo of this coin but better saved. Unfortunately I didn't found any yet. Middleage italian coins aren't common in Poland, but Roman can be found quite often. I've found 5 denarios and one sesterc, but they are quite known.
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100% Florence. A picciolo (since 1321) or a soldino (after 1462). Sorry I'm not expert in such coinages so I can't help more.


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Hallo Dario!
Thanks for help with describing my coin.
I'm find your page very interesting, I'm invite you to my website: www.kredek.pl/priv_e.html

There are some roman coins, denars and sesterces, found in Poland.

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Dario una domanda etimologica:
alcuni vocabolari portano "spicciolo" come da spicciare (= una moneta di piccolo taglio che facilmente, velocemente veniva scambiata...)

non è che invece deriva dalla moneta fiorentina?
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