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Silver coin found during visit Orviëto

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Sorry for the use of English instead of Italian, i can't speak a word Italian.

My story to you all,

Two weeks ago, during a visit to the city Orviëto, i found this coin near an old city gate. It was found by me in a graveled path with my bare eyes.

The only thing i know about this coin is that it is from silver. It's difficult for me to translate the Archaic letters on the coin.

Could you help me out to determine this coin?

Thank you in advance for your help!



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according to Italian's laws you have to give this coin to any Italian pubblic Autority. Coins searching in the ground It's not allowed in Italy.

Best regards.


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numa numa

Dear Orvieto

I believe in the prior discussion it has not been provided you any means to express yourself and also to receive proper counselling.

You are probably accustomed to british law where coin finding and even metaldetector is allowed by law, with the only condition that any coins found be repoerted to authorties for tracking, registering and eventually purchase from the founder (if the coin is missing form public collections).

In Italy law is much more retrictive, albeit not fully defined and clear, but every "ancient" coins found by accident on public ground (and especially archeological site) must be not only reported to teh Authorities but also surrended to them.

Right or wrong this is the law currently enforced in Italy, though there is still not a generally agreed definition of what "ancient", the most restrictive interpretation going as far as defining ancinet "any" coin more than 50 years old (which would mean that evn 50 liras - a coin roughly equivalent to a shilling - struck 50 years ago lost by its owner if found today should be immediately reported and surrendered to Authorities..

I believe more than the intrinsic value of the coin you found, an albulo struck by the Republic of Lucca shortly before 1400, by far the value lies in the information that can be derived by the find itself.

That is is quite interesting to register the find of this coin in Orvieto testifying the circulation of such pieces for this age in that area. For your information Orvieto has never been a fully fledged mint although it has struck a denaro (Urbs Vetus) in the XIII century.

My suggestion would be , if possible, that you publish a few lines about the find of this coin eventually being helped by a professional numismatist, before submitting it to the local Soprintendenza delle Belle Arti, the institution looking after Italy's cultural heritage which will be the best reference to provide you guidance with your find (they may even say you can keep the coin, who knows..)

Below I reported the address of theior offices and the responsible whim eventually you can address.

I know it's a bit worksome but it's the way it works in Italy. Hopefully one day things will improve. We are working, also at this Forum, in this direction.

But remember more important is that you try to have recorded through the help of a professional numismatist the info regarding the find.

Good luck and hope you can enjoy your visits to the charming city of Orvieto and our beautiful Country !

Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici e Ambientali dell'UMBRIA

Responsabile: arch. Anna DI BENE Città: Perugia Indirizzo: Via Ulisse Rocchi 71. CAP: 06100. Provincia: PG Regione: Umbria Telefono: 075574111

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