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Dear all,

I try desperately to find all pictures of the complete collection of THOMAS VIRZI.  

Has someone some book, scan of book, or original copies of  pictures ?

There is an extremely rare book from circa 1907 or before with photographs of 2238 coins which is the only record of the complete collection.

Hirsch sold some coins from the collection in his sale XIX, 11 November 1907.

Bank Leu sold 300 of the best coins in Zurich, Auction 6, 1973.

Thanks for any help !



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The Virzì collection was disperded by Bank Leu through private sales in years '70-'80 of XX century, with the exception of a selection, which was sold in Leu auction 6 of May 1973.

Bank Leu had made photos of all Virzì specimens, then arranged in tables, but only for personel use. Some copies of these tables, however, were clandestinely spread on the market. Twenty years ago I have requested to Bank Leu good photocopies of these tables, thanks also to Sylvie Hurter, together with the photocopy of the manuscript written by Virzì, in good handwriting.

Unfortunately I have not scanned these tables and catalogue and, sincerely, I have not the time for this tedious work.

If you are interested to a specific mint or issue, I can try to scan the relative table.

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numa numa

Sets of Virzi complete bronze collection photos are from time to time sold at auctions. They usually command high prices but it still possible to get them on the market. I recommend scouting Kolbe & Fanning sales as well as major libraries that may come on the market.

If I remember well besodes the Leu and Hirsch Virzi sales there was a third set of Virzi coins sold at auction ( i vaguely remember the name of Malloy but would need to check if he 's the one). 

The bulk of best coins was howver through Leu 1973 while some Virzi specimens reappeared in the Freeman excellent bronze  collection sold by CNG and in a recent NAC catalogue with some excellent ( and original!) specimens. 


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I have the chance to have one of this "clandestine" copy of the plates but without the catalogue unfortunately. The Virzi's original handwritten manuscript has been sold recently in NY and it has realized several thousand dollars...

Most of coins are reproduced on the Calciati's book (Corpus Nummorum Siculorum) anyway. 

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