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Scala Reale; anyone remember details?

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I found my long-lost stash of "Scala Reales" last night. Does anyone remember these? They came in a brand of bubble gum--which I cannot remember--that cost 10-lire a piece in 1968. As kids we used to collect them--and they became a status symbol in the American school I attended in Napoli. (The more you had, the better.) 




After a little while I learned how to find the winners before I bought them. The store owner didn't seem to mind my hunting through the box of gum on the counter-top. It puzzled me for some time, but now I understand he wouldn't have minded--he knew I wasn't cashing them in, so every one I found was clear profit for him.


Anyway, can anyone please say what brand of gum these came out of? Or maybe any other small detail?


I have these tied to an entry in my coin-notebook--I'd like to tighten it up some.


We had a lot of fun with these things....


:D v.


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