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Liguria X contremarca sul testone di Genova

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concordo, oltre al fatto che mentre l'esemplare originale ( a cui si ispira il lotto 241 ) è una contraffazione genovese prodotta quindì in zecca l'esemplare postato qualche post sopra è semplicemente contromarcato ... c'è una differenza non da poco.

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If I understand correctly, the Genoa castello (or torretta) countermark was used on three different occasions:

-          On coins of Michele Antonio, Marchese di Saluzzo (1503-28);  probably by the Banco di San Giorgio to recognize their value in Genoa (the cornuto probably being valued as a mezzo

-          testone ) since he and his father, Ludovico II, were the bank’s most important clients, with large sums on deposit


-          At the end of 1637 Genoa countermarked all good coins, including foreign coins circulating in Genoa (including the Saluzzo cornuti struck at Carmagnola) to confirm their silver value fino agli inizi dell’ 800 (which I do not understand)


-          In the 17th century Genoa countermarked the widely accepted Netherlands lion daalders with the countermark for the Levant Trade, such as my 1641 Utrecht coin ;  Genoa also struck their own counterfeit lion daalders with the countermark, such as the ‘1578’ coin.

Have I got this right ?  If not, please correct me.


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Thank you, Matteo 95.  I realise I have completely misunderstood the sentence " Questo contrassegno deriva dal diritto di tutte le monete fino al 1637 ed e stato altresi in uso per marcare l'argenteria genovese fino agli unizi dell'800".  This does not in any way talk about countermarking in 1637.     How should I translate it ?

This countermark is derived from the legal design of all the coins until 1637 and was also used to mark Genoese silverware up until the early years of the nineteenth century ?


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