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1807 2 Lire

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I just learned the gigante catalog, but because I don't know Italian, I don't know some words in the book.

For example: in rilievo su 5 filetti orizzontali DIO PROTEGGE L'ITLIA
What does '5 filetti orizzontali' mean?

And: in rilievo 5 filetti circolari
What does ‘5 filetti circolari’ mean?

And: contomo leggermente rigato

What does ‘leggermente rigato’ mean?
And:doppia serpentina in rillievo

What does ‘doppia serpentina'mean?

Please explain the specific meaning of these words for me.

If it is convenient, can you attach an example picture to understand the exact meaning of these words?

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Sorry for the long wait, not many people speak enough English to answer this question!

For the first "5 filetti means 5 horizontal lines" parallel to the face of the coin, 

For the second "leggermente rigato" means: "lightly striated"

For the third: "Doppia Serpentina in rilievo" means: double (intertwining?) snake-like pattern, in relief.

Hope that's good!


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