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Epidemia e mercato numismatico

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Giro questa comunicazione ricevuta da CNG, con non banali considerazioni sul mercato numismatico:

We are in unprecedented times. Few of us saw things progressing to the point we find ourselves in today due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Events in the numismatic community have been cancelled around the world. Our heart goes out to those who make a living in our hobby by traveling to shows and meeting face to face with customers. And our hearts certainly go out to those who have become infected with this virus. 

We expect our routines in the coin world to remain disrupted for some time based on the latest information available. At the moment, I am able to report that the coin auction market not only remains robust, but is frankly thriving. Record prices and auction results have been seen in the last two European auctions, this including the large Künker auction in Germany, which just concluded. There are likely several reasons for this. First, many people who are stuck at home are looking for something to occupy their time. Second, when there is a selloff in the stock market, investors often turn to hard assets, including coins. And perhaps most importantly, many of us find a comfort in our hobbies in times as trying as we presently see. So, the coin market, for those of us who can conduct business online, is doing just fine.

But we will have a few noticeable changes. Our staff, in both Lancaster and London, is complying with the isolation requests of our governments. Both offices will continue to be staffed, but we will limit face-to-face customer interactions. Consignments will be done by the postal services, Fed Ex, DHL, etc. Shipments will continue as normal unless the postal services are shut down. If this should happen, we will hold deliveries until such time as they can be safely made. And where delivery signatures are no longer being required, we recommend you have us hold your shipments temporarily as our office is much more secure than an unknown delivery service warehouse.

We will continue to make trips to pick up consignments, as long as they can be accomplished by car. We have staff members in Lancaster, the Midwest, the West Coast and the UK so we can still cover a lot while maintaining the needed social distancing. Consignments coming via the various postal methods are still being handled daily and we encourage you to send in any consignments you may want us to handle. Just keep in mind the signature issues mentioned above and make sure your package is delivered in the way, and timeliness you expect. We are working tirelessly to get these coins into upcoming sales as soon as possible. If you have coins you wish to consign, please contact us via phone or email. We will respond as quickly as possible to all requests.

And for those dealer friends who find themselves with restricted sales avenues, we would be happy to help with special commission schedules for any coins you might want to consign, that otherwise would have been sold via the coin show route. 

We see the market continuing to remain strong. Only time will tell if the current restraints on the world economy will impact our hobby. But for now, it seems the only impacts have been increased interest and activity.

Coin collecting is a great hobby, made greater by the fact that, during times like these, you don’t need to spend money to enjoy it. Maybe it’s time to clean up your inventory records, sort and organize your collection, or to catch up on some reading or research? All of these distractions can be quite welcome at a time like this. Whatever your plans, I hope you can find a way to gain comfort and happiness through your collections.

If we can be of any service to you, in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Stay healthy and stay happy.

Best wishes,

Mike Gasvoda

Managing Director


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