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6 battini Piero Gritti


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Hello! I am new to the forum and I apologize in advance for the mistakes. A few days ago, I found a coin while searching. During research I found it to be rarer 6 bagattini-Piero Gritti.
Because I'm not interested in that would sell it. I need a new detector coil ?

I am interested in an approximate estimate of the value of the coin.



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Buona giornata

E' un "Bezzo da 6 Bagattini" della Repubblica di Venezia, moneta anonima perchè non riporta il nome del Doge regnante; si capisce però l'epoca della sua emissione, grazie alle iniziali del Massaro PG poste ai lati del 6, cioè Piero Gritti (1649-1650).

Moneta comunissima che - in tali condizioni - si trova facilmente nei mercatini a pochi euro (1 o 2).

Dal tuo scritto semprerebbe che la moneta sia stata trovata con il metal detector; puoi dirci dove?

Allego il link che riguarda la politica del forum sui ritrovamenti.


Good day

It is a "Bezzo da 6 Bagattini" of the Republic of Venice, an anonymous coin because it does not bear the name of the reigning Doge; however, we understand the time of its issue, thanks to the initials of Massaro PG placed on the sides of the 6, ie Piero Gritti (1649-1650).

Very common currency that - in such conditions - is easily found in markets for a few euros (1 or 2).

From your writing it would always seem that the coin was found with the metal detector; can you tell us where?

I attach the link regarding the forum policy on findings.



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