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Moneta romana antica

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Scusi ma da questa foto non si distingue nulla! Servono foto fronte e retro, con annessi peso e diametro se possibile. Valutare una moneta così mi sembra praticamente impossibile.

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Ciao,dovrebbe trattarsi di una moneta gadget di una marca di cioccolata spalmabile anni 80. Ne ho una uguale nella serie che raccolsi all'epoca. Bei tempi....                              ANTONIO 

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Denario autentico

Exceptional Pompey Portrait


The Pompeians. Sextus Pompey. 42-38 BC. AR Denarius (18mm, 3.75 g, 12h). Massilia (Marseilles) mint; Q. Nasidius, commander of the fleet. Bare head of Pompey the Great right; trident to right; below, dolphin right; NETVNI downward to left / Galley with bank of rowers right, under full sail, helmsman steering rudder, hortator standing on prow; star to upper left; Q • NASIDIVS below. Crawford 483/2; CRI 235; Sydenham 1350; RSC 20 (Pompey the Great); Kestner 3697-8; BMCRR Sicily 21; RBW 1698. Deeply toned, two minor metal flaws on obverse. Near EF. Excellent portrait and exceptional galley

CNG 511005. Sold For $12500


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Se non altro ha richiamato l’attenzione su un denario di importanza storica riguardo a Pompeo il Grande, indicato come “filius (sottinteso) Neptuni”, cioè figlio di Nettuno, il dio del mare di cui sulla moneta sono raffigurati gli attributi, il tridente e il delfino.

Il denario presenta anche interesse numismatico per il falso con i rispettivi conii pubblicato da Gino Manfredini nel suo libro “I falsi numismatici”.


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Esemplare della LEU AUCTION 8 del prossimo 23 ottobre


Starting price: 8.000 CHF - Estimate: 10.000 CHF

Lot 282. Sextus Pompey, † 35 BC. Denarius (Silver, 19 mm, 3.75 g, 3 h), Q. Nasidius, commander of the fleet. Massalia, 42-38. NEPTVNI Bare head of Pompey the Great to right; before, trident; below, dolphin to right. Rev. Q•NASIDIVS Galley under sail with six oarsman to right; helmsman steering rudder, hortator standing on prow; to upper left, star. Babelon (Pompeia) 28 and (Nasidia) 1. Crawford 483/2. CRI 235. RBW 1698. Sydenham 1350. Perfectly centered and among the finest known, a magnificent and beautifully toned piece with a spectacular portrait of Pompey the Great. Extremely fine.

From the collection of Regierungsrat Dr. iur. Hans Krähenbühl, privately acquired from Bank Leu on 9 February 1970 (with a photocopy of the original invoice enclosed).

This wonderful denarius of Sextus Pompey recollects one of his father's greatest achievements, the eradication of the rampant piracy in a three-months naval campaign in 66 BC. With Sextus effectively commanding a naval empire in the years after the Battle(s) of Philippi, such imagery perfectly suited his ambitions and was clearly aimed at strengthening the loyalty of Pompey's veterans serving in his son's navy.


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