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Andorra novità?


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ciao me lo traducete x favore, capisco bene ?? nel 2009 euro andorra? oppure il mio inglese è da ristudiare

This article is about the euro coins intended to be issued by Andorra. For more information on the process of eurozone membership, see Enlargement of the eurozone

Andorran euro coins have not yet been designed.

Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican City State are the only non-European Union member states to issue their own euro coins (which are minted by France and Italy). These three countries obtained the right to do this because they had had monetary agreements with France and Italy on the use of legal tender. Andorra, however, did not have a formal monetary agreement with either Spain or France, possibly due to the fact that it did not even have a comprehensive constitution up until 1993. Andorra is currently in negotiations with the EU on a monetary agreement which would grant it the right to mint a limited number of euro coins. The negotiations are still ongoing as of November 2006 and are expected to last for at least two more years; the reason is that the European Union expects Andorra to comply with related European Union legislation and security measures before minting coins.[1] It is thus expected that Andorra will first mint its own euro coins in 2009 at the earliest.[2]

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Se ne è già parlato un milione di volte sul forum: Andorra sta ancora negoziando con la UE il diritto di produrre Euro con un proprio disegno, ma al momento non c'è alcuna novità. Questo brano che hai riportato è presumibilmente vecchiotto, e si conclude più o meno col concetto che "Andorra non conierà propri Euro almeno fino al 2009".

Direi di non preoccuparsi troppo: non appena ci saranno notizie sugli eventuali nuovi Euro andorrani questo forum sarà tra i primi a darne notizia.

Al momento però la cosa è del tutto prematura.

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