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Essays in Honour of Roberto Russo

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Yesterday I received a new book, Essays in Honour of Roberto Russo, that is likely to be one of the most important serious publications on Roman Republican coinage since Essays Hersh was published in 1998.


Roberto Russo, 1945-2012, is known to most as the proprietor of NAC; less well known was that he was also a respected numismatist, who wrote perhaps the most significant paper within the Essays Hersh volume; it has been my honour to fulfil a similar role for Essays Russo, as my own 175 page paper on Republican bronzes is at least the largest (if not necessarily the best or most important) article in the new book. I'll address my own paper in a separate thread, but this is an introduction to the book as a whole. For the moment, advance copies of Essays Russo are available direct from the publisher, NAC in Milan (details bottom of this note), but other distribution channels are being arranged.

Format: 426 pages, hardback with dustcover, very heavy paper, illustrations throughout, see pictures below. Pic:


Contents (pic:)


Witschonke - Preface
Arturo Russo - Biography of Roberto Russo, a sample page below (one of the pages, note me in the pic:)



Papers on Greek Numismatics:
Rutter - Early Coinages of Sicily, Cyprus and Crete
Boehringer - Maestro della foglia
Campana - Emissione Siciliana a nome di Hermas e Pan
Santelli - Contromarche di Zeus Eleutherio
Morcom - Mint Sharing in Western Sicily
Gitler - Samarian types inspired by Athens

Papers on Roman Numismatics
Vagi - Rome's first Didrachm
Burnett - a Puzzling Early Roman Coin
McCabe - Anonymous Struck Bronze Coinage of the Roman Republic
Schaefer - A Find from Campamento Ampurias
Pancotti - Attis nella monetazione romana repubblicana
Russo - The Retariffing of the Denarius (an important unpublished paper by Roberto)
Buttrey - Grammer and History, Thoughts on Republican coins
Witschonke - Unpublished Roman Republican coins
Stannard - Quartered and Countermarked Republican Asses
Woytek - Unpublished Denarius Hybrids, and the Sestertius of Considius Paetus
Amandry - L.Atratinvs Avgvr / Antonivs Imp
Kovacs - Eusebeia, Civic bronzes

Papers on Mediaeval Numismatics
Travaini - Corrado IV

I will write more on my own paper in a separate note on the Roman Coins thread. Pending arrangements for distribution the book is already available direct from NAC, Milan. Price USD $150 +p&p, or equivalent in other currencies, payable by Paypal or bank transfer. To order please contact NAC Milan Tatiania Granata, tatianagranata@arsclassicacoins.com

I will be happy if someone were to write a message on the subject in Italian language, and also share with the Greek Coins part of lamoneta.it, as the papers on Greek coinage are mostly written in Italian, as are some on Roman coinage.


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