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Jerónimo Martinez

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Phoenicia, Tyre. Civic Issue. Second century A.D. AE 17 (16.6 mm, 3.49 g, 1 h). struck A.D. 91/2. Turreted and veiled head of Tyche right, palm before / IEPAΣ; ZIΣ and TYP monogram in fields, palm tree with two bunches of fruit. RPC 2082; Rouvier 2142; SNG Cop 337. Fine.


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13 ore fa, Jerónimo Martinez dice:

2,84 GR. 16,49 MM



Le lettere ai lati della palma indicano la data (mi sembra ΛΣ = 104-105 d. C.).

La scritta attorno alla palma dovrebbe essere METROPOLEOS IERAS (in greco).


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PHOENICIA, Tyre. Pseudo-autonomous issue. temp. Hadrian, AD 117-138. Æ Hemichalkous (15mm, 3.30 g, 12h). Dated CY 247 (AD 121/2). Turreted, veiled, and draped bust of Fortuna right; palm frond to left / Palm tree; ZM C (date) across field. RPC III 3900; Rouvier 2156-7; AUB 188-90; BMC 7. VF, earthen green patina. From the Dennis Rider Collection of the Coins of Tyre.


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