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1927 silver dollar and Lindbergh? Nope.


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In the pint-sized world of coins, the date on a Peace Dollar is a comparatively huge thing. The “1 9 2 7” stamped on this coin can’t be missed. Out it jumps at you, along with a dozen print-, video- and audio-snippets of Charles Lindbergh and his 1927 solo flight across the Atlantic.




 “Lucky Lindy,” the “Eagle of the USA,” his nighttime landing in Paris after 33+ hours in the air—all of these things come instantly to mind—as does Lindbergh’s obsessive drive to reduce the weight of his airplane, the Spirit of St. Louis.


So one thing seems sure. Lindbergh would never have carried a heavy coin like this big silver dollar along with him.


Lightweight paper money would have been the thing. But I have to note the irony of U.S small-size currency not being available until 1928, the year after the famous flight. If he took any folding-money, Lindbergh would have had to make do with the old “horse-blankets.”


:D v.

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