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Eros e Psiche su una medaglia imperiale.


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Interessante anche il prezzo di aggiudicazione di questa medaglia ispirata al mito di Eros e Psiche.


RUSSIA, Tsars of Russia. Nikolai I Pavlovich. 1825-1855. AR Rouble Medal (22.09 g, 12h). Marriage of the Tsarevich Aleksandr Nikolaevich issue. Sankt-Peterburg (St. Petersburg) mint; Nikolai Grachev, mintmaster. Dated 1841. B • K • MAPIЯ AЛEKCAHДPOBHA B • K • AЛEKCAHДPЪ HИKOЛAEBИЧЬ, head of Crown Prince Aleksandr Nikolaevich and head of Crown Princess Maria Alexandrovna, wearing rose wreath, conjoined left; PҌЗAЛЪ ГУBE below heads / Psyche, winged and holding lily, and Cupid, holding bow, standing facing and supporting ornate crowned shield inscribed with script AM monogram; н-г flanking base; 16 AПPҌЛЯ/1841 Г. in two lines in exergue. Grained edge. Bitkin 898; Severin 3370; Uzdenikov 4193. NGC photo graded PF 64, superb, lightly toned blue-gold proof and quite rare in this choice grade. Considered a coin with the reeded edge (medal with plain edge).

Struck to commemorate the marriage of the Tsarevich to Maria Alexandrovna (Marie of Hesse-Darmstadt).

Sale: Triton XI, 7 January 2008, Lot: 1599. Estimate $7500. Sold For $32500. 



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