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A giorni in asta Num.Naumann 110 al lotto 377, da Knidos un attraente esemplare di dracma ( 465-449 a,C, /  6,08 g  /  17 mm ) di stile ancora arcaico con testa di leone / testa di Afrodite e etnico

001 Num.Naumann 110 n. 377.jpg

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le rappresentazioni arcaiche delle greche continentali hanno una potenza espressiva impareggiabile 

Al di la’ della differenza di modulo che non permetterebbe paragoni se la giocano con la statuaria a volte 

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In Numismatica Ars Classica NAC AG, Auction 12, 23.06.2021, a specimen (these dies) from The Collection of Greek coins of a Man in Love with Art Part III was hammered at CHF 4,250 (approx. € 4,000).


The Collection of Greek coins of a Man in Love with Art Part III
Caria, Cnidos.
Drachm circa 450, AR 6.00g. Forepart of lion r., with open jaws and tongue protruding, r. paw outstretched. Rev. [Κ]Ν – Ι Draped bust r. of Aphrodite, wearing taenia, pearl earring and necklace with acorn-shaped pendant. All within shallow incuse square. SNG Copenhagen 241 (these dies). McClean 8473 (these dies). SNG Lockett 2885 (these dies). Cahn, Knidos, 83.
Lovely old cabinet tone and about extremely fine
Ex Gemini sale VII, 2011, 518. From the Rockefeller University N. Y, and Mirsky collections.

Starting price: 2.800 CHF - Estimate: 3.500 CHF - Result: 4.250 CHF


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