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Scambi euro / Swap euro coins

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Hi, everybody!

I'm sorry for posting in English, but my skills in the Italian language aren't that good... I manage to understand most of the posts here, but it wouldn't be easy to write in Italian without making a lot of spelling mistakes... I discovered your forum some months ago, though I had never ventured to post anything! I must say this appears to be a great community! Congratulations on that!

I come from Portugal and am new to collecting euros, of which I collect the 2€ commemorative coins and those from The Vatican and San Marino. I have been having some troubles finding:

- 2€ CC Finland 2004

- 2€ CC ToR Slovenia

- 2€ CC ToR Ireland

- 2€ CC Vatican and San Marino and sets from these Countries, whichever year

Can any of you help?

I have for swap:

- 2€ CC ToR Portugal

- 2€ CC Presidency of the EU Portugal

- Silver coins from Portugal, both euro and pre-euro ("escudos").

- I also have a lot of Finland 2005 2€ CC for swap!

If you're interested, please send me a private message!

Thank you all!

Best regards from Portogallo,


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Hi Daniel,

welcome! :D

We find in all the forums. Compliments! :D

I have written you a mail.

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