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RRC 41, RRC 56 Anonymous & Luceria

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Cari amici,

Dear friends

I have been studying the anonymous struck bronzes of the Roman Republic for some time, as well as those from Luceria. I am seeking photos and weights of VF+ examples for study purposes. I already have photos of about 2,700 examples of struck bronzes

from Roman Republican Coinage groups

- RRC 41 and RRC 56 (anonymous)

- RRC 43 and 97 and 98 and 99 and 100 (Luceria / Canusium)

This sounds like enough, but it isn't. The Luceria / Canusium coins can be divided into 10 or 12 issues. The anonymous coins (RRC41/56) can be divided into about 25 issues. Each issue has several denominations. So my database has only 10

or 20 coins of each type. For many rare issues I have fewer than 5 coins,. Many coins are too worn to draw conclusions about their designs or weights.

So I would like your help. I am looking for photographs of RRC 41,43,56,97,98,99,100

The photographs should be

1. Photos not already on the internet

2. RRC 56 (anonymous, specially smaller denominations) or RRC 43, or RRC 97, or

RRC 98, or RRC 99 or RRC 100 (Luceria / Canusium).

For RRC 41 I only need higher denominations (as, semis, triens). I already have many examples of RRC 41 quadrans, sextans, uncia and semuncia.

3. The condition should be VF or better. It is important that the details of the prow (prora), and especially acrostilium, are clear.

I would be very happy if you send me a message about examples in your collection that are not already on the internet, and that are VF or better.


Andrew McCabe

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