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Mark Fox

Problema catalogo Fiorelli

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Mark Fox

Salve a tutti!

I hope you can understand my English (= Spero che siate in grado di capire il mio inglese).

I have a research problem and Nico kindly suggested that I ask the Italian Forum for help. My problem concerns the 19th century Fiorelli coin catalogs:

Fiorelli (G.). Catalogo del Museo nazionale di Napoli. Naples, 1866-1872.

I am looking for photocopies or scans of all the coins of Sestus (also spelled Sestos, in the Thracian Chersonese) that Fiorelli recorded, but unfortnuately, I do not have access to any of the volumes... RPC I claims Naples has a Sestus coin of Claudius (N 6472), although I do not know when it was acquired. I requested an image of the coin from the museum a long time ago and am still waiting. They are extremely slow...

I would like to receive the information above for a catalog I am writing on the Roman provincial coinage of Sestus. Of course, if anyone has such coins in their collections and would like them mentioned in my work, I would be more than happy to do so!

Many thanks for everyone's valuable time and for any help that can be provided!

Felice Anno Nuovo!

Cordiali saluti,

Mark Fox


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I own a copy of Fiorelli, Monete Greche (1870), but up to page 105 (last number = 6228, Sarmatia), since I am interested only to the coinage Italic.

Someone can scan the relevant page on Sestos?

Otherwise you have to wait for the reopening of libraries here in Rome after the Christmas holidays (from January 6) .... in order to scan the page for you....

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dareios it

Dear Mark,

I'm glad to tell you I found this scan on my hard disk. Fiorelli listed just one Sestos coin, though under Tiberius (maybe he misread the obv. legend?). I translate the description:

Obv: Laureate head of Tiberius r.; in countermark: eagle with wings open.
Rev: Lyre.

Bronze, 17mm


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Mark Fox

Salve Acraf e Dareios It!

My apologies for this very late reply. I was hoping that Lamoneta would notify me when someone responded to my question(s)...

Nevertheless, my sincere thanks to both of you for your kind efforts and valuable information! It really helped a lot.

My offer is of course still open: if anyone here has a Roman provincial coin of Sestus that he or she would like to have cited in my catalog, this is the time to write me.

Best regards,

Mark Fox


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