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Genova Quartaro?


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Sorry for the English, but I do not speak Italian (at all!!). I am from Portugal and I came across this coin that I believe to be a Quartaro from Genova. Can you please help me with a correct ID?


Thanks in advance. 

Unknown coin.JPG

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 Move your request in the section  " Monete  medievali di zecche italiane"  where you can find more visibility and answers

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Hi @Palves and welcome !

yes at first sight I could be a Genoese Quartaro but the overall style and the legends, in particular,  are different. I personally, think that your coin is an interesting contemporary counterfeit .

for any questions , ask please



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Hello @Palves :).

It is a quartaro, but probably not of the mint of Genoa. It's an imitation (or a counterfeit, as Matteo said, but for some reasons I can't explain now I don't think so).

I / we have some ideas about the area of this production, but it would be nice to have more data, starting from the area of circulation.

Where did you came across this coin? Thanks !

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It came in a lot of coins I bought from a Portuguese seller than brought them from a Metal detecting guy. Supposedly, they were all found by the same guy.

The other coins in the lot are from the period 1223 to 1248, except one that is dated from 1438-1481. 

I did not pay extra and the seller did not try to charge this coin, I spoke to the seller afterwards and he was not even aware of the coin, in his mind it was only a lot of portuguese coins.

The closest I could get was in the link http://www.mariojan.com/monete/numis_03_83.html (the coin just before the heading "Classificazione". 

Thanks for the help.

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In addition, I have put the coin under the microscope and it looks and "feels" like an old coin. I do not know absolutely nothing about Italian contemporary counterfeit, but portuguese of this time period and type of metal are always very badly made, with low quality lettering and drawing. This coin came to me basically for free, so it is what it is, if it is good is good, if it is bad is bad. No pressure of a good/bad deal with fakes. Which is always good. 


By the way you can visit my collection at www.museumoeda.com, but only in Portuguese :(

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@PalvesIt's not a contemporary (i.e. of nowadays) imitation/ counterfeit: sorry that we have not clarified that, but a late medieval one, contemporary or little later than the regular issues.  So the coin could be dated to the 14th century.

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