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2017P Philadelphia-mint commemorative cent

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For folks interested in American 1-cent pieces, I note the issue--in something of a surprise--of a circulating commemorative in the Lincoln series. All 2017 Lincolns coined in Philadelphia carry the mint's "P" mintmark--first (and so far only) time ever in the 226 years of the 1-cent series.




The one-year 2017p commemorative cent was intended to mark the 225th anniversary of the 1792 founding of the U.S. Mint.


Coinage of 1-cent pieces begins with those dated 1793, and except for the year 1815 (war-induced planchet shortage),1-cent production has been continuous. In only one additional year did Philadelphia fail to coin cents--1922--but the Denver mint struck some 7M+ pennies that year.


(In 1922 Philadelphia was reacting to a large 1-cent surplus driven by the massive mintages of 1916-1920, a slackening of demand caused by the short but sharp postwar economic downturn, a further drop in 1-cent needs because of the end of many of the "war-taxes," and because of the enormous amounts of time and attention required by production of the 1922 Peace dollar.)


:) v.

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I've found one in the wild here, passed as a 2-euro cent piece. It's pretty easy to be honest, but usually you get older pennies (1970s-1980s), in the past week I've found two of them (one 1973 and one 1990). I was surprised to see the P mintmark.

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Thanks a lot for this. This kind of stuff is special fun for me. I've put a mention of it in my notebook.


;) v.

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