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King John

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Freeman & Sear, Manhattan Sale I, lot 35, 5/01/2010

BARCIDS IN SPAIN. Carthago Nova. After 228 BC. Silver trishekel (22.29 gm). Diademed head of Eshmun-Apollo(?) left / Horse standing right. Robinson, Essays Mattingly, 5(a), pl. 2. Villaronga Class IV, 59, pl. 8. CNH p. 65, 16. Perhaps only the third specimen known and much superior to the specimen in the National Museum, Madrid. Of the greatest rarity and importance. Lightly toned. Good very fine
Ex Sotheby’s, Important Greek and Roman Coins, Zurich, 26 October 1993, lot 20; Numismatic Fine Arts XVI, 2 December 1985, lot 102; Auctiones 11, 1980, lot 251.
This great rarity is noteworthy for the fine Hellenistic style of its obverse and for the originality of its iconography, especially the patterns of the luxuriant hair. It is clear that a Greek artist of genius was commissioned to create an especially impressive coin type for a Barcid ruler. In cataloguing the type Robinson described a “laureate diadem” and this doubtless contributed to his impression that the type “resembles an Apollo” and perhaps represents the god Eshmun, who had a cult at Carthago Nova. The precise character of the “laureate diadem” is not entirely clear, but it appears that there may be a single row of leaves adorning, or attached to, the diadem. An allusion to Eshmun as assimilated to Apollo cannot be excluded, but neither is it entirely persuasive: in the Hellenistic period Apollo was invariably depicted wearing a conspicuous laurel wreath and with one of several canonical hairstyles. The diadem, on the other hand, was strongly associated with kingship, though the majority of royal diadems are broad, unlike the diadem of the trishekel. The face has been described as idealized, but the deepset eye lends a masculine strength and, arguably, an individual quality. The type may represent a Barcid ruler, perhaps in the guise of a god.
Estimate: $50,000



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@King JohnE la sfinge che hai assegnato a Ciosky donde viene? Anche lei da Chio?

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Tauler & Fau - Asta 30, lotto 41
Cartagonova. Siclo-shekel. 235-220 aC Incierta. (Abh-490). (ACIP-557). (C-17). Anv .: Cabeza masculina de ¿Eshmun-Apolo? un izquierda. Verso: Caballo parado a derecha. Ag. 7,29 g. Solamente 5 ejemplares conocidos según Villaronga. Estremadamente rara. MBC +. Est ... 3000,00. Cartagine Nova. Siclo-shekel. 235-220 aC Incierta. (Abh-490). (ACIP-557). (C-17). Anv .: Cabeza masculina de ¿Eshmun-Apolo? un izquierda. Verso: Caballo parado a derecha. Ag. 7,29 g. Menta incerta. Testa diadema maschio.


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