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L. Licinio Lucullo

Aes signatum

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L. Licinio Lucullo

Excuse for writing in (poor) English. I look forward to an answer from our friend Ahala, too.

Some time ago I found these two pictures on the internet. I think they were official pictures from the British Museum, but I'm not able any loger to retrieve that web page.

Anyway, the "fishbone" is the same wich Ahala publishes ( and its actually an ingot of the BM, whilst the "club" ingot is reproduced in a drawing ( referred to the BM.

I'm intrested now in the "club" ingot.

Is it the reverse side of the "fishbone"?

Wich is its Tulow and Vecchi classification (I'm sorry, I don't have the book)?

Is it the aes signatum known as "pole" ("asta") type? If not, wich is a picture of the "pole" variety?


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Yes the club is on the reverse of the fishbone bar. It is classified as Thurlow-Vecchi AS2, and is also shown on Haeberlin plate 32. Thurlow-Vecchi says that the type is of great rarity and so cannot be assigned to a specific mint. It is not listed in Crawford (so, he does not think that it is from Rome).


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