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I cavalieri a Kelenderis ( e Taranto )

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Un bello statere al lotto n. 65 della importante vendita NGSA IX del 14-12-2015 .

L'estensore del catalogo , descrivendo il tipo di esibizione equestre rappresentata , ricorda anche l'importanza della cavalleria a Taranto .

Nel suo " Uomo e cavallo  sulla moneta greca " (1973) ,  G. Giacosa ben illustra l'importanza e le tecniche , anche di combattimento , della cavalleria tarantina . 


001 statere  di Kelenderis  NGSA IX n. 65.jpg

002 catalogo NGSA IX.jpg

003 statere di  Taranto  N.Y.Sale XXXIV n. 2.jpg

004 G, Giacosa  1973.jpg

005 G. Giacosa  1973.jpg

006 statere di Kelenderis G. Glacosa  tav. XXVII.jpg

007 statere di Taranto  G. Giacosa tav. LX.jpg

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King John

Altro tarantinos "fotografato" nell'atto di saltare giù dal cavallo.

No.: 23
Schätzwert/Estimation: CHF 400.-
Tarentum. Nomos 380/345. Helmeted rider with round shield jumping from horse l. Rev. Taras on dolphin r. holding trident and spear, A T / TAPAS below. 7,82 g. Vlasto -, cf. 391ff. Very fine.


Modificato da King John
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King John

Altra moneta che "fotografa" un cavaliere che salta giù dal cavallo.

Roma Numismatics Ltd > Auction XVI

Auction date: 26 September 2018

Lot number: 324
Price realized: 1,700 GBP   (Approx. 2,238 USD / 1,899 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.


Lot description:

Cilicia, Homoi AR Stater. Persic standard. Circa 440-400 BC. Caped rider dismounting from horse to right / Stern of galley to left, OΛMI above. Unpublished in the standard references; Heritage 3067, 30186 (same dies); for similar types on a unique 1/3 stater cf. also Numismatik Naumann 39, lot 415. 10.66g, 18mm, 12h.

Extremely Fine. Unpublished in the standard references, and one of two known examples.

From the collection of P.R., United Kingdom.
This remarkable coin, along with a unique 1/3 stater bearing similar types (horseman/stern of galley) undoubtedly represents the earliest coinage of the obscure city of Holmoi, located on the Cilician coast, whose recorded issues are otherwise limited to staters, obols and bronzes dating to after around 380 BC. Those later coins display a connection with the nearby city of Side, but the nature of this relationship is lost. The coins of Holmoi ceased when Seleukos transferred the population to the newly-founded Seleukeia (Pliny, Nat. 5.22, called Holmia). 

That the reverse type bears the stern of a galley does not necessarily imply that this virtually unheard-of city ever maintained any kind of fleet, despite its location on the Cilician coastline. The likely circumstances for the production of this extraordinary issue must be sought within the context of Cilicia's subservience to the Achaemenid empire, to which the cities were required to pay tribute in coin, men and materiel. It has been convincingly argued that Cilician coinage, at least in part, fulfilled a military supply function (see Casabonne, 1996a : 116), since after all even in times of peace mercenary soldiers and guards needed paying, and fleets needed maintaining (see in particular Casabonne MIMAA, pp. 59). The reverse type may therefore not refer to any vessel built or operated by the striking authority, but may rather be an indication of the intended object it would go to finance. 

The earliest Cilician coinage is of extreme rarity, as we have well demonstrated in this catalogue. A novum such as this is therefore not out of character for the region, and this piece, along with the two other above referenced specimens, appears to be all that survives of the fifth century coinage of Holmoi, and of these it is in terms of quality and completeness certainly the finest, being both well struck and well preserved.

Estimate: 1000 GBP




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